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Bridal Headpieces: gold leaves headbands

avigailadam Etsy

I was pinning (PINTEREST IS SUCH AN OBSESSION. SOCIAL LIFE WHAT?) when I came across a beautiful picture of a lovely bridal hair style with a gold leaves headband. Doing an online research I found a lot of them (especially on Etsy), and I think they can be a very elegant and original idea for a wedding hair style especially if matching with loose braids or even with the hair down, for a natural and at the same time sophisticated look. Below my favorites (and you will also find the link where you can buy some of them!).

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Bridal crowns

Today we talk about bridal crowns.
I recently reevaluated crowns as an accessory for the bride, since I’ve found absolutely gorgeous bridal crowns around the Internet. I have to say that until a few years ago I had a kind of revulsion for the wedding crowns (they can be really trashy, don’t they?).
But if they are tiny and refined, they can be a not expected hair accessory for the bride.
Here is a collection of really beautiful bridal crowns!
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Bridal braids

bridal braids, nuovi trend per la sposa, acconciature da sposa
Here I am!
After the summer break, Funky Wedding comes back, more colorful than ever!
Some of you will still be on holiday, but we are working feverishly for our future brides…in the meantime, the inspiration doesn’t stop, so here we are talking about one of a my newest passion, and  a new bridal trend: braids!
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Il trucco per la sposa anni ’50/rockabilly

50s bridal make up, rockabilly bride, vintage bride, sposa anni 50, sposa rockabilly

Today I’m gonna talk about a subject which is very dear to vintage brides: the make up for a 50s / rockabilly bride.

I decided to start from 1950s because creating wedding dresses inspired by the 50s, it seemed to be the most obvious choice! :) I think that this kind of makeup is very charming and glamorous: the 50s were the years of voluptuous and very feminine women, who were happy to show off their sexiness after the hardships (and thinness) of the war.
The stars of a 50s make up are lips, which are red and fleshy, while for the eyes eyeliner is the master with a thin line that widens at the end of the eye and along with false eyelashes gives to the look  a “cat” effect. The skin is clear and cheeks are pink and smooth, like those of a doll.
Despite being very flashy, 50s makeup is definitely not vulgar, and it can be also suitable for a bride.
I’ll post some pictures of 50s make up and even of 50s brides, and also a tutorial that I found on youtube and that is fairly easy to follow. Here are the inspirations.

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Vintage brooch bouquets

Today I’m gonna talk about one of my new passion: bouquet of vintage brooches. I LOVE THEM. I mean, I love flowers bouquet as well, but these bouquets are a real feast for the eyes! Not to mention that they don’t fade, so the memory remains intact forever!

I made ​​a selection of 12 bouquets that I liked on Etsy, with virtual stores where you can find them and their prices: some of them are very expensive while others have prices that are very close to those made of flowers, so it may be a good alternative to consider for a vintage wedding!

bouquet da sposa, vintage brooch bouquets
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Bridal boots

I already talked about alternative and vintage wedding shoes, but today I want to push myself  *over*
Due to the weather of the last few weeks (although toady it give us a break), I thought to blog about a bride who is forced to face a rainy period. Ok, we all know that wet bride, lucky bride (italian proverb) but in the meantime you have to get married, it is October 20 and there is a good chance that it will rain. And your feet are all cold. And the mud. The puddles.
Well, a very original alternative can be bridal boots.
We start from the most obvious option but even the most insane: rain boots.
Ok, yes. They are objectively ugly. But if declined in a fun way, they can have a sense.
Alternative bridal shoes, raining boots, bridal boots
Now let’s talk about more beautiful solutions. I mean, if I were to marry soon, I’d take seriously the idea of ​​wearing bridal boots!
If you want to dare but always remaining on classic models there are white vintage boots recalling twenties boots. If you want to dare more, you can also opt for a pair of laced boots with leather, they are perfect if mixed with a lace dress,  for an”indie” bride.
For rock’n’roll brides…well, you should know that I have a great passion. I go insane, literally for Alexander McQueen. I love him, I swear (or rather, I loved him, because now he’s gone…sniff). Well, anyway, his brand is still alive and it gives us white ankle boots, which are wonderful! Only for brides outside the box woooo (but also guests. Sisters. Witnesses. Girlfriends. Moms. Granny (!).
Here are some pictures:
Alternative bridal shoes,bridal boots, BHLDN
alternative bridal shoes, bridal boots
alternative bridal shoes, bridal boots, Loeffler Randall shoes
alternative bridal shoes, bridal boots
alternative bridal shoes, bridal boots
alternative wedding shoes, bridal boots
alternative bridal shoes, Alexander McQueen shoes
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Brides with short hair

bride with short hair

You have to know that when this post will come out, I will be at the hairdresser to shorten the two inches of hair that I have attached to my head. And this gave me the inspiration to write what I’m writing.

I don’t know what kind of relationship you have with your hair. I’ve always had a sort of love / hate relationship with my hair. The result of this relationship is that in my life I went several times since long hair / long hair to a length of 1 inch, all in the space of a morning. Yes, I have always been very, very drastic. I’ve always loved long hair, but I admit that the convenience of short hair keeps tempting me every few years, and in my opinion it also gives me enough (although after the last cut there have been several people who have told me that the hair short makes me look like a little man-I greet all those who said that I look like a little man! -). So at the moment I am part of the “Women who proudly wear the hair short” party.
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