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Strawberry wedding

Here you are a post with inspiration for a strawberry wedding. Obviously this is about a spring wedding, but since weddings mainly take place during spring and summer, I wrote a post for the 2014 brides.
I’ve always loved strawberries. They taste good, they are also beautiful, and I love them especially when mixed with daisies.
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Mismatched wedding chairs

I’m gonna say it. Can I say it? Ok maybe it’s not quite politically correct, but I have to say it. I hate chair covers. They give me hives. I think they are terribly unsightly. Got it?
The alternative are beautiful and elegant chairs that should not be covered with chair covers.
But there is an even more original alternative: mismatched wedding chairs. You call relatives, friends, third cousins ​​and ask them “Who lends me the home chairs??” or even better: you ask to all the guests to bring their own chairs and voila, le joux sont fait!
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Inspiration board # 8: watercolors wedding *matrimonio a tema acquerelli*

Hello everyone!
Here is another ispiration boards…what can I say, I like them! :) They remind me of university, when for every project we had to make thousands of moodboards! Ahhh the good old days!
I especially like this one: an inspiration board for a watercolors themed wedding, which is full of colors, watery but very happy at the same time. Perfect for a spring and very chic wedding, suitable especially if the bride and groom are artists ( I am a designer and have always had artistic ambitions, so I think this is amazing).
Have a nice week everyone!
Watercolors wedding, matrimonio a tema acquerelli, wedding inspiration boards


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A Hipster Wedding

hipster wedding invitation
Photo: HerebySkye on Etsy

We start June blogging about a hipster wedding. A wedding is hipster simply because the bride and the groom (and most likely their friends) are hipster.

But let’s start from the definition of hipster: the term hipster dates back to the 40s and was originally referred to white guys who were trying to emulate American jazz musicians. Today hipster means alternative, not “mainstream”: the hipster is one that despite coming from well-off situations, refuses to follow the crowd and turns his attention to different cultures – from the underground music scene, to vegetarian food, to the attention to the environment, to vintage fashion.
Now, beyond the fact that being a hipster is mostly fashion (but do not try to call a hipster, hipster, it might insult you heavily), I find that their style is amazing. Oh, I like it!
And I especially like the hipster wedding: casual, young, free, funny, and often cheap.
I picked up a bit of inspiration, many of which from Etsy (I’m getting quite addicted to Etsy!).

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Rock’n’roll themed wedding

matrimonio tema musica, rock'n'roll wedding

Today I’m gonna talk about a themed wedding that I love…the rock’n’roll wedding!

In my life I’ve always played music, previously playing the piano and then singing. This is therefore  a theme wedding that I feel very close to me, and it is also really spectacular and bold!
Guitars, vinyl records, music notes, amplifiers, each element recalls musical instruments and the aesthetics of the genre.

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The Great Gatsby inspired wedding

matrimonio a tema "Il grande Gatsby", "The great Gatsby" wedding
It’s the movie of the year, everyone talk about it, everybody write about it and everybody read it (including me). I’m talking about “The Great Gatsby”.

On May 16, the film starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan will be released in the Italian movie theaters, adapted from the novel by American writer F. Scott Fitzgerald. Set in New York in the Roaring ’20s, the novel talks about the splendor and energy that characterized the Jazz Age.
So what better time if not now, to talk about a vintage wedding inspired by the wonderful ’20s? From the point of view of fashion, the Roaring Twenties provide an infinite variety of ideas with feathers, fringes, sequins, pearls, soft shapes that allow great freedom of movement: the fashion of the 20’s is inspired by the flapper girls, independent and uninhibited girls who loved to dance to the tune of jazz and charleston, exuding charm and independence.
Dominant colors are gold and black, and everything is surrounded by an aura of melancholy and drama.

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Candy Wedding ideas

Candy Wedding
Today I’m gonna talk about a candy wedding!The idea is to recreate during a wedding a candy shop full of color and pro-caries candies, interpreting the various elements of the wedding: boutonnieres, wedding favors, bouquets, everything has to be in line with the theme.
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Supehero Wedding

superhero wedding
Today I feel a little nerd and that gives me the inspiration for a themed wedding which is very funky…a wedding with superheroes and comics!
It takes a lot of sense of humor to organize a wedding like that, but if done in the right spirit it becomes a real party! And if guests don’t agree…well, it means they have lost the baby that is inside of them, so much worse for them! :)
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Hashtag your wedding!

Raise your hand if you have a twitter / facebook / instagram / Pinterest profile.

Being not technologically connected means being cut off from the world. And I say this with a mixture of joy and sadness.
With joy because thanks to technology we have huge (and I repeat HUGE) employment and communicative opportunities that we’ve never had before. Sadness because I loved receiving letters after 15 days of waiting, and meeting people again after many years, and knowing each other again, asking what they do, not knowing already that the particular person has a dog-cat-boyfriend-degree-livesinaustralia and so on, just because she has already added me on facebook.
But anyway, we have technology and so we can use it!
An idea (actually still not very common) that comes from overseas (not so strange) caught my attention.
Create a hashtag for your wedding. A hash what?? No ok, I know you’re hyper, but I’ll talk to you about twitter because I know that among you there are girls like Scarlett O’Hara that prefer a good book to technology. Let’s start by explaining what a hashtag is, and to do that we talk about twitter first. Twitter is definitely different from facebook. It is based on the possibility to write short texts (140 characters) called tweets, to which you can attach links, photos and video. These tweets can have hashtag, which are keywords preceded by the # key whose function is to redirect you to the page where there are all the tweets relating to a particular topic. Let me give an example: during the Oscars there was the hashtag #Oscar2013, and then all the tweets with this hashtag were fed on a single page where in practice it was all about the Academy Awards.
Behold, here comes the idea. Create a hashtag for the wedding! For example, your name is John and Julia and you are getting married? Your hashatg might be #juliajohnwedding.
In this way, all those who will be present at the wedding of John and Julia will be tweeting and posting inserting pictures, emotions and wishes directly from the wedding day!
The same thing can be done with instagram. Clicking on the hashtag created specifically for the wedding, you can see all the photos taken by the guests.
It’s a great way to involve all the guests in a social and interactive way!
Below are some examples of posters / boards that contain wedding hashtags.

Dai un hashtag al tuo matrimonio, hashtag your wedding
Dai un hashtag al tuo matrimonio, hashtag your wedding
Dai un hashtag al tuo matrimonio, hashtag your wedding
Foto via:,,,
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