Hello there!

Let me introduce myself to you: my name is Nadia, I was born in the countryside of Varese and I live in the beloved Padan Plain with my family and with Ciccio, my crazy Golden Retriever.

I simply love drawing dresses, I grew up dreaming – and also drawing – my personal collections of super fashion garments and, as they say, if you really want something dreams come true!

I graduated in Fashion Design at the Engeneering school of Politecnico di Milano, I worked as a copy editor for fashion magazines and finally I opened my personal “wedding dresses brand”. Yay! My studio, placed in Busto Arsizio, is my magic world, where I can imagine and create something different, new from what I can find in the wedding industry.

Whenever I am not drawing or creating my dresses it is likely I’m listening to music or reading some Gabriel Garcìa Marquez book, clearly with a nice cup of tea by my side. Well, if it’s not tea, it’s chocolate, but you saw nothing ‘bout that.

If you are willing to know me better you can follow me on my blog, where I write about my fashion adventure as wedding dresses creator and I talk about unconventional weddings.

I love unconventional weddings, I think they are the best ever. And I love the UK.
And vintage style.
And Love, capital L, which last “happily ever after”. I am a dreamer.

Official Biography

Nadia Manzato is the creative soul of Nadia Manzato Wedding Couture, store placed in Busto Arsizio, in province of Varese.

Nadia graduated in Fashion Design at the engineering school of Politecnico di Milano.
She grew up surrounded by every kind of fabrics, tape measures, pins and laces thanks to her mother tailoring activity. Since she was just a baby girl she dreamt about having a role in the fashion industry, in particular the wedding section of it, due to the dreamy joyful idea that surrounds every wedding.

Nadia’s style is fresh and chic, a perfect mix between innovation and quality craftsmanship, always under the strict label of Made in Italy. Fabrics, accessories, finishing touches, everything is well-finished, every single detail is created hand made in order to satisfy and represent perfectly our bride’s personality.

Nadia Manzato wedding dressed are single pieces of classic Italian Art, exclusively hand made using fabrics which are made in Italy. Every single dress is created following the bride’s measures, in order to give her a dress that will fit as a glove.
Featuring long soft gowns for a sophisticated bride, and short, fresh silhouettes for breezy, lively women, Nadia Manzato’ style is able to please an uncommon bride who wants to be the original main character of her wedding day.

Photo by Ennefoto.